75 Byth Rhy Hen (75 Never Too Old)

75 Byth Rhy Hen (75 Never Too Old)

75 Byth Rhy Hen is the highly acclaimed documentary by Slam Media for S4C in which Porthmadog farmer Jeremy Trumper decides to tackle a late life crisis by enlisting the aid of lifetime friend and world famous adventurer Eric Jones to tackle the Devil's T


Silver Medal, Best Climbing Film, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

At 75 some people might put their feet up – not Jeremy Trumper. The semi-retired sheep farmer from North Wales has compiled a ‘bucket list’ of adventures to complete and top of the list was scaling the 5,114-foot Devil's Tower in the American cowboy State of Wyoming.

Together with his best friend and climbing buddy – legendary British mountaineer Eric Jones – the two evergreen adventurers celebrated their 75th birthdays climbing the iconic Tower.

'There are a few challenges around and it’s important to keep pushing yourself,' says Jeremy. 'Unless you have something to dream about and aspire to, what’s the point?'

Running a sheep farm and raising four children meant he only had time to climb once a week, if he was lucky, so he’s making up for lost time now he’s semi-retired.

'It gives me a buzz that I’m still able to do it,' he says. 'If I’m flexible enough I hope to be climbing into my 80s.'

The dream to climb Devil's Tower, a US national monument, was sparked after Jeremy saw a photo of it in a book wife Margaret gave him.

'The book was a Christmas present almost 10 years ago and I’d become almost obsessed with the Tower and dreamt of one day climbing it. To celebrate our 75th year – Eric and myself finally decided to go for it!'

Flying to the US, the friends hired a Harley-Davidson motorbike to power up to the Devil's Tower in style. But when he saw it the grandfather admits he was awestruck.

'It was a lot bigger and steeper than I had imagined. Climbing Devils Tower is far more energetic and strenuous compared to North Wales climbing, but I was determined to succeed. You’re never too old to achieve your dream!'

The two men’s climb up the Devils Tower was filmed for this S4C documentary 75 Never Too Old. Produced by Slam Media, it won the silver medal for Best Climbing Film at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShaFF) in 2014.

Note: Welsh language, with English subtitles.

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75 Byth Rhy Hen (75 Never Too Old)


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