Vertical Frontier

Vertical Frontier

New for 2014 - Anniversary Edition of this majestic film about the history of rock climbing in the famed Yosemite Valley.


Best Film on Climbing, Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2003

Best Film on Climbing, Banff Mountain Film Festival 2002

Best Mountaineering Film, International Festival of Mountaineering, Teplice nad Metuji, Czech Republic 2004

Viewer's Choice, International Festival of Outdoor Films, Czech Republic 2004

Called one of the best and most beautiful climbing films ever made, Vertical Frontier is the character-driven story of the free-spirited climbers who first ascended and later set climbing records on the legendary big walls of Yosemite. It culminates when several generations of climbers come together to save Camp 4, their scraggly, but revered base camp, from development by getting it placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Narrator Tom Brokaw weaves the story together with historical climbing footage and interviews from the legendary past and commentary and thrilling footage from more modern generations. This awe-inspiring film and its majestic scenery appeals to even the most acrophobic audience. Winner of the Best Film on Climbing at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, among others awards, Vertical Frontier is a must see.

'A formidable film. A great piece of history.' - Banff International Film Festival World Tour

'Vertical Frontier is one of the best films on climbing ever made. A must see. While the footage appeals to the hardcore adventurer, the spectacular scenery and the character of those who climb make it interesting for even those who get acrophobia...'  Santa Barbara Press

About the Film

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Climbing and Culture
John Salathe, Yvon Chouinard, Tom Frost, John Long, Ron Kauk and John Bachar
Kristi Denton Cohen
Kristi Denton Cohen
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SD (4:3)
Vertical Frontier


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